Actualité 24.11.2023

Winners of the 26th edition of « Best of Canada » | Projects from Québec

Centre culturel Desjardins par Atelier TAG | Crédit photo : Adrien Williams

From Canadian Interiors Magazine Editor Peter Sobchak :

“With an unwavering focus on innovation and originality in design thinking, this year’s results present a sumptuous banquet of creativity, inspiration, and knowledge that are a testament to the dynamic spirit and ingenuity coursing through the veins of Canadian design, heralding a vibrant future for the aesthetic landscape.

Managing an awards program is grueling, but I never fail to be impressed when the dust has settled and I retreat a few paces, I see a consistent feature: that awards produce honest results. I’ve heard critiques that design awards are totally subjective. While this may carry a kernel of truth, it’s a truth that, paradoxically, underpins the validity of the results. While each design could be measured differently by a different jury, over time, the results are consistent. A retrospective gaze at the illustrious history of the Best of Canada Awards underscores this phenomenon. Even when I broaden my view to encompass other A&D awards, the same pattern unfolds: certain projects traverse the circuit and receive just accolades. This principle extends to design teams; if you’re good, over time the results are there and consistency is rewarded. I’ve been doing this long enough to see design teams elevate their design prowess while also perfecting their capacity for astute articulation. I recall a remark from a Best of Canada juror emphasizing that the jury is not merely endorsing aesthetic beauty but also meticulous exposition of processes and aspirations.”

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Source : Canadian Interiors Magazine