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The Interlace in Singapore: World Building of the Year 2015

The Interlace, Singapore, by OMA/Buro Ole Scheeren. The residential development named World Building of the Year 2015 at the World Architecture Festival | Crédit photo : OMA/Buro Ole Scheeren

Excerpt from press release :

« London, United Kingdom, 13-11-2015 – The Interlace, a vertical village in Singapore, has been crowned World Building of the Year 2015 at the World Architecture Festival. The residential development, designed by OMA/Buro Ole Scheeren, is a radically new approach to contemporary living in a tropical environment.

The Interlace is one of the most ambitious residential developments in Singapore’s history, generating an intricate network of living and social spaces intertwined with the natural environment. Instead of following the default typology of housing in the region – clusters of isolated towers – the vertical is turned horizontal, with 31 apartment blocks, each six stories tall and 70 meters long. Stacked in hexagonal arrangements around eight large-scale open permeable courtyards, the scheme creates a network of internal and external environments that create a multitude of shared and private outdoor spaces on multiple levels.

World Architecture Festival Director Paul Finch praised the project, saying ‘The Interlace is blazing a trail with an example of bold, contemporary architectural thinking. The project presents an alternative way of thinking about developments which might otherwise become generic tower clusters’. »

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