Actualité 23.04.2021

SPRING into ACTION for the environment!

Canadian Architects Declare

Announcement :

Countdown to 2030—9 years to meet our goals!

Needless to say, it’s been a long year. Though there’s at least a few more months of awkward transition to a new normal on the horizon, our conjoined crises of climate and equity rage on. But, spring reminds us that transformative potential awaits just below the surface, ready to explode into bloom…if we nurture it.

As it’s been over six months since our last gathering, a regroup is in order, and what better time than Spring – time of re-birth and re-emergence. So hold the date for Wednesday May 12th, 2021, 3­-5pm (EDT)/ 12-2pm PDT.

Draft agenda:

  • update on national and international #ArchitectsDeclare efforts
  • sketching our collective theory of change + mapping the systems to action it
  • jamming on key focus areas so we can build collaborative capacity for action – working groups, larger steering committee, comms team, etc.

This event is open to anyone in signatory firms, AND to anyone who wants to see this change but whose firm has yet to sign on. Registration details to follow. Stay tuned.”

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Source : Canadian Architects Declare