Actualité 01.10.2021

Nina-Marie Lister winner of the $50,000 Margolese National Design for Living Prize

School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture | UBC

Nina-Marie Lister | Photo courtesy

Excerpt from the press release : 

« Ecological designer, urban planner and educator selected to receive $50,000 prize for her commitment to ecological design for biodiversity and climate resilience

Vancouver – September 28, 2021. The University of British Columbia School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture is thrilled to announce Nina-Marie Lister as the recipient of the 2021 Margolese National Design for Living Prize. Established through an estate gift to UBC by the late Leonard Herbert Margolese, the annual prize recognizes an inspirational Canadian citizen who engages in design aimed at improving the built environment. Relaunched in 2021 after a three-year hiatus, the prize was reprogrammed by the school to emphasize that in addition to aesthetics, design needs to enhance social, cultural, and ecological well-being.

Lister was selected from over 50 nominations as a remarkable inspiration to the next generation of design practitioners. Her transdisciplinary research and practice involves integrated designs that connect landscapes, people and wildlife. In collaboration with others in a diversity of fields and through a variety of activities, her work is changing the way we think about and address the coexistence of wildlife and people in healthy, connected landscapes. From exploring new structures that facilitate safe passage for wildlife and humans over busy highways, to advocating for natural gardens and native plants in our cities, Lister is influencing the way that landscape architects engage the complexities of ecology in design; her work is shaping new perspectives, strategies and solutions that connect people to nature in cities. »

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Source : Shannan Wood | Account Associate | Kriss Communications