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Winners of the 25th edition of « Best of Canada » | 7 projects by Québec firms selected

Canadian Interiors Magazine

Projet of the Year: Mouvement Desjardins’ Executive Floors at the Complexe Desjardins by Provencher_Roy Design D’Intérieur | Photo credit : David Boyer

Excerpt of the Canadian Interiors press release :

November 16, 2022

A survey of this year’s entries is like a splash of cool water on our face, showing us that truly gifted Canadian design leaders are bringing their A-game to what feels like an emerging new era for the built environment.

The human mind is programmed to look for patterns in seemingly unrelated information. Known in scientific parlance as patternicity or apophenia, pattern recognition is an integral element in the learning process, particularly because it comes in very handy when trying to predict what outcomes to expect when faced with new situations. Every year during what I call my Best of Canada phase (beginning with submissions and ending with printing the Awards issue) I try to dial up the pattern recognition parts of my brain to see if any noticeable ones present themselves. Of particular interest this year was the number of entries completed during peak COVID-19 (a sizeable number, with roughly a fifth of submissions completed in the first half of 2022 alone) and I was curious to see how many designs would exhibit a telling response to the pandemic by potentially reimagining a space’s role post-COVID.

As it turned out, surprisingly few projects fit that expectation. In fact, projects that caught the judges’ eyes and survived through various levels of cutting showed different pattern sets: interior environments with defined yet sober aesthetics; delicate treatment of materials and details; the right balance of light, texture and proportion; and a clear, well-balanced vision that placed users’ quality of life at the forefront. It was immensely reassuring to see these fundamental design doctrines employed and then elevated to such a degree in the 25th annual Canadian Interiors’ Best of Canada Awards, the country’s only design competition to focus on interior design projects and products without regard to size, budget or location. Interior designers, architects, decorators, and crafts persons form the community of design leaders shaping our built future, and the quality of their submissions illustrate that the pandemic has not knocked them off track.”

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Winning projects by firms from Québec :

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Source : Canadian Interiors Magazine