Actualité 03.05.2009

Expo 2010 Shanghai – Pavillons d'Israël, de la Suisse et de l'Espagne

Dans le cadre des prochaines semaines à venir, Daniel-Joseph Chapdelaine, urbaniste, vous fera part de quelques projets de la prochaine exposition universelle prévue à Shanghai en Chine en 2010:

“World Expositions are galleries of human inspirations and thoughts. Since 1851 when the Great Exhibition of Industries of All Nations was held in London, the World Expositions have attained increasing prominence as grand events for economic, scientific, technological and cultural exchanges, serving as an important platform for displaying historical experience, exchanging innovative ideas, demonstrating esprit de corps and looking to the future.

With a long civilisation, China favours international exchange and loves world peace. China owes its successful bid for the World Exposition in 2010 to the international community’s support for and confidence in its reform and opening-up. The Exposition will be the first registered World Exposition in a developing country, which gives expression to the expectations the world’s people place on China’s future development.

So what will Expo 2010 Shanghai China deliver to the world? There is no doubt the Chinese people will present to the world a successful, splendid and unforgettable exposition.”

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Israël Pavillion:

“ISRAEL will highlight innovation in its pavilion at World Expo 2010 along with putting a spotlight on ancient Jewish culture.

The country signed a participation contract with Expo organizers today and revealed Israel Pavilion will look like two clasped hands.

The two dynamic forms symbolize Israeli innovation and technology, said Irit Ben-Abba, the State of Israel’s commissioner general for Expo 2010.

The message of Israel to World Expo is “Innovation for Better Life.” It will echo the theme of the 2010 event, which is “Better City, Better Life,” said Ben-Abba.

“Israel constantly seeks to contribute a substantial share to the world’s leading innovations in art, science, literature and design and we believe innovation will contribute to better life,” Ben-Abba said after signing a contract in Shanghai.

She added the 2,000-square-meter pavilion could also represent the dialogue between humanity and nature, the earth and sky, as well as the past and the future.”

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Switzerland Pavillion:

“Switzerland today unveiled the model of its national pavilion for World Expo Shanghai, a pavilion with soybean-fibre coverage and entertaining rooftop cable cars.

The country, famous for its chocolate, watch and natural scenery, revealed its detail plan after signing the participation contract with the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination.

The design, chosen out of the 104 candidates through a world-wide competition, focuses on the sustainable development as well as harmony and balance, which coincide with the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang.

For the 4,000 square meter pavilion, the Swiss government poured 140 million yuan (US$18.52 million) into the project, which is bigger than the budget in Aichi Expo in 2005 and Hanover Expo in 2000.

“This piece of work best shows the characteristics of modern Switzerland — pursuing excellence, innovation and high-quality life,” said Manuel Salchli, deputy commissioner general of the Swiss pavilion in the Expo. “We hope to attract a big percentage of the 70 million visitors to the Expo Shanghai.”

The most distinguished feature of the pavilion is the outside curtain, made from degradable soybeans and dye-sensitized solar cells that are capable of generating electricity, introduces Salchli.

The curtain will present an image of forest, which will remind people of the nature, said Salchli. And the fibre of the curtain could be degraded after being disposed in the soil in two week.”

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Spain Pavillion:

“Spain unveiled a basket-like design for its national pavilion at World Expo 2010 in Shanghai as the country signed a participation contract with organizers yesterday.

The Spain Pavilion will have a steel structure and a wicker cover. Spanish handcrafters will weave out different patterns by using different colors of wicker, said Benedetta Tagliabue, designer of the pavilion.

The wicker will be covered by a special material that is water-proof. It will also keep the pavilion at a comfortable temperature, said Tagliabue.

With sunshine penetrating through the wicker, visitors will be able to enjoy a nice walk in the open air, the designer said.

“Spain has a very long history in making wicker-weaving products. We know that China has that kind of handicraft too. So we thought this was something we had in common,” said Tagliabue.

Also, the pavilion of course is very strong, she said. The designers have considered the possibility of bad weather during the Expo period such as typhoons or the summer Plum Rain season, said Tagliabue.

The Spanish government is going to invest 1.8 million euros (US$2.6 million) in the pavilion, said Javier Conde de Saro, Spain’s commissioner general for World Expo Shanghai.

The pavilion, with a total floor area of 8,500 square meters, will have both open squares for cultural performances and an indoor area for exhibitions and cafeterias.”

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