Actualité 15.10.2016

L’amphithéâtre Cogeco de l’Atelier Paul Laurendeau remporte le prix national de la catégorie « Architecture »

Institut canadien de la construction en acier

Amphithéâtre Cogeco | Crédit photo : Marc Gibert (Adecom)

Excerpt of article from Canadian Consulting Engineer :

“The Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC-ICCA) has announced the winners of the 2016 National Steel Design Awards.


The winner of the Architectural Award is the Cogeco Amphitheatre in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. The venue is located on the St. Lawrence River, seats 3,300 indoors and has additional outdoor space. The designers describe the bold building form as follows: “Structurally, the choice of a metal structure is imposed due to volumetric singularities and spans the roof. The coveted lightness and speed of execution have been important factors in the choice of material. The structure of steel columns is exposed as a visible surface.” The building was designed by an architectural consortium of Paul Laurendeau/Francois Beauchesne, and Stantec/DPHV as structural engineers. Canam-Buildings, Genifab and Montacier were also on the winning team.


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Source : Paul Laurendeau, architecte + Canadian Consulting Engineer