Conférence hybride “Limberlost Place – A slab banded timber structure”

17 janvier 2024

Limberlost Place par Moriyama Teshima Architects

De la part de l’ISM :

18h – 19h15 / mercredi 17 janvier 2024
Salle A-1600 du Pavillon A, École de technologie supérieure, 1100 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal

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Description de la conférence

Limberlost Place (previously known as “The Arbour”) is a groundbreaking mass timber project, situated on George Brown College’s waterfront campus in Toronto, Canada. Rising 10 storeys and covering an impressive 16,000 square meters, the building will serve as a pivotal educational center, housing the Tall Wood Research Institute, a childcare facility, and various teaching and social spaces.

At its heart lies an innovative slab-band structural floor system, which integrates cross-laminated timber (CLT) concrete composite slab bands supported by glulam columns. This innovative structural design not only provides flexibility in architectural planning but also enables the efficient distribution of mechanical systems within the building.

The project’s realization was made possible through external funding, primarily from the National Re-sources Canada Green Construction Wood Program (GCWood), in conjunction with strategic partnerships aimed at fostering mass timber innovation tailored to project unique requirements. This collaboration prompted an extensive structural testing program at the University of Northern British Columbia, focused on evaluating timber concrete composite slab bands and developing cost-effective composite connectors. The research phase involved comprehensive investigations of full-scale and half-scale cross-laminated timber (CLT)-concrete-composite (TCC) slab bands, with a keen focus on assessing their out-of-plane shear and ultimate flexural capacities utilizing a range of shear connectors. Three shear flow connectors were evaluated during the testing, including self-tapping screws, steel kerf plates, and proprietary glued-in Holz-Beton-Verbund (HBV) connectors.

This presentation will provide an overview of the building, with a specific structural engineering focus, and dive deep into the results of the timber-concrete-composite testing program.


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Conférencier pour cet événement


Robert is a structural engineer in Fast + Epp’s Vancouver office, and offers a unique skill set due to his hands-on experience as a carpenter and fine woodworker. He is a designer with expertise in timber, steel, and concrete in both Canada and the US.

Over his career, Robert has developed a particular specialization in mass timber design, having contributed to the success of many of our innovative timber projects across North America including the TallWood House at Brock Commons, Limberlost Place, Keith Drive, and the PNE Amphitheater. He is a contributing author on several articles, papers, and journal publications relating to timber research and development and is passionate about sharing lessons learned.

Robert has received several awards for his contributions to the profession, including the United Kingdom’s Institution of Structural Engineers Young Structural Engineering Professional Award, and the Structural Engineers Association of BC (SEABC) Young Member Meritorious Achievement Award.

In 2021, Robert became Partner at Fast + Epp, alongside Tobias Fast and Paul Fast. He is an integral part of the firms leadership team as it enters its second generation.”

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