Becoming Architects Canada launches as an advocacy group

3 juin 2021

Canadian Architect Magazine

Excerpt from article : 

Kicking off with a virtual networking party on June 3, the new non-profit advocacy group supports interns, others on the path to architectural licensure, and recent licensees.

Becoming Architects Canada / Devenir Architecte Canada is a new non-profit advocacy group for interns, others on the path to architectural licensure, and recent licensees, created by former RAIC Emerging Practitioners and CASA members.

While the group was officially launched in April 2021, its journey began more than six years ago when intern architect representatives from Architectural Associations across Canada met at the 2014 RAIC Festival to discuss interns’ concerns with the IAP program.

“What we discovered is we all shared the same concerns and could learn a lot from what each regulator was doing with respect to intern support, but we suffered from a disconnect from each other. A few of us met again at the CACB conference on “Educating Future Architects” in 2014, where we determined that a national advocacy group for intern architects was needed,” says co-founder, Ksenia Eic.”

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Source : Canadian Architect Magazine

Publié le 21 mai 2021