The Faces of Design Awards 2010: Winners’ Gallery

Design & the Art of the Elevator Pitch

It’s a term and a situation most entrepreneurs are familiar with: you have a sudden and very brief window of opportunity to present yourself and an idea to an extremely relevant person. Getting a chance for an elevator pitch is not a guarantee for success, but it can be an amazing opportunity.

For designers, the elevator pitch is a rare phenomenon. Few designers are trained to convey their designs and ideas verbally – and the chances that the talented young creative happens to carry their portfolio when the opportunity arises are fairly slim.

As a designer, you want to achieve exposure: even if only for a brief moment, you want to have a chance to be seen by those people who matter for your career.

So what are you going to do? Imagine you are a designer – how can you create an opportunity for an elevator pitch that is going to work for you?

We are not designers – at least we don’t offer design work – but when we founded Faces of Design, we had a clear mission: to help connect companies and talented designers worldwide. Far too often, companies miss out on great opportunities, because they don’t know where to find the right design talent; equally, far too many talented creatives don’t get the opportunities they deserve, because they never manage to get their work in front of the right executive.

This is what we created the Faces of Design Awards for – in essence: an elevator pitch for designers.

Designer from every discipline, and from across the globe: intercultural and interdisciplinary.

More than 140 designers from 37 countries decided to seize this opportunity. In two rounds, they presented themselves and their work and were judged by some of the leading creative thinkers of our times.”

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(Source: Anna Rojahn, Director, Faces of Design)