Actualité 23.10.2009

Wallpaper magazine – "Le Québec bien représenté dans l'édition "Fab 40" (novembre 2009)"

Vous retrouverez dans l’édition du mois de novembre de Wallpaper leur compilation des 40 meilleures choses provenant de 10 de leurs pays favoris, dont le Canada.

Du côté québécois, on peut y retrouver SAMARE, Want luggage et Ying Gao Fashion.

“Regionalism is inevitable in a country that spans 8,000km, but it seems Canada’s dots are finally being joined up. The Trans Canada Trail is on the way to completion. Quebec favorite poutine is getting a makeover on menus as far away as Toronto, nose-to-tail eating has turned charcuterie into an obsession and cabins are setting new standards in retreat architecture. Canada is earning its heavy footprint on the world map.”

Pour voir le “Fab 40 Canada” de Wallpaper…

(Source: Mania Bedikian, SAMARE)