Actualité 21.09.2008

The world's big digs

“Construction on Montreal’s Honoré Mercier Bridge, billed as Canada’s largest bridge repair, has a price tag of $66 million for its first phase. Work is expected to last until 2011.

It’s a big endeavour, to be sure. But it still pales in comparison to the scope of massive projects planned or underway around the world. Consider China’s $63-billion — yes, billion — water diversion project, or Canada’s own ambitious plans for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Many of these projects break new ground, figuratively as well as literally, in striving to set new world standards. They want to be tallest, widest, first or most expensive works of their kind.

Some of the world’s biggest digs, either underway or planned, follow below. It’s not an exclusive list, so post your suggestions, too.

  • China: North-south water diversion. Estimated cost: $63 billion
  • Vancouver: 2010 Olympic Infrastructure. Estimated cost: $2.6 billion
  • Panama: Panama Canal Expansion. Estimated cost: $5.25 billion”

To see the other “big digs” and for more information…

(Source: Nicolas Marier via CBC News)