Actualité 13.05.2008

Ski jump brings architectural beauty to Norwegian slopes

20080513-wan-a.jpg“Ski jumps have rarely endeavored to be a thing of beauty. Technical requirements overtake the architectural thought behind the design. But the new Holmenkollen ski jump, designed by Julien De Smedt Architects, will take jump design into another realm satisfying such requirements as wind protection, curvature and access whilst providing an iconic landmark to the north-west of Oslo, Norway.

The silhouette of the new ski tower has a sharp and simple cut. The profile follows the jumpers’ descent and is offset to create necessary wind protection. The smooth and bended rectangle hosts the slope, the main structure and circulation with an inclined elevator running from the bottom to the top where a 50 m2 bar/jumpers lounge and jump platform is located. The top is cut horizontally to accommodate a viewing platform with a 360º panorama view over the Oslo city landscape.”

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(Source: World Architecture News Newsletter of May 13 2008)