Actualité 11.10.2013

SEMINARS – Continuing Studies (McGill University) – "The Buildings All Around Us + Vienna Fin-de-Siècle and the birth of Modernism + A Gallery Without Walls"


One Day @ McGill presents seminars that allow you first-hand access to a McGill experience. Held on the McGill University campus, these affordable small-group sessions are unique educational opportunities in which you are able to access in-depth knowledge produced by our academic community.

The Buildings All Around Us
On Saturday October 19th, McGill School of Architecture’s Nancy Dunton will lead a hands-on exploration into how to understanding the buildings all around us.  This session will go beyond looking at a building to reading and decoding it.  In the first part of this seminar, participants will learn how to observe a building in the downtown area using images and a site visit.  The second part of this seminar will focus on how to find out more about the building and its Montreal neighbourhood.

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Vienna Fin-de-Siècle and the Birth of Modernism
On Saturday October 26th, McGill School of Architecture’s Adrian Sheppard will spearhead an adventure into the world of fin-de-siècle Vienna.  Viennese culture at the cusp of the 20th century constitutes one of the significant moments that defined Modernism in the arts.  The seminar will be devoted to looking at and reflecting upon Vienna’s contribution to Modernism with an emphasis placed on architecture, visual arts and urban planning.

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A Gallery Without Walls
On Friday November 1st, join Gwendolyn Owens for a fascinating tour of  McGill University’s Visual Arts Collection.  As “museums without walls,” university art collections offer opportunities for chance encounters; someone who would never go to a museum may come across a work of art on a walk to class.  Participants should come ready to walk to various locations on the campus where we can discuss these challenges while looking at works of art in the McGill Visual Arts Collection.

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(Source: April Babey, Marketing Assistant, PACE  Program, McGill University School of Continuing Studies)