Actualité 01.10.2011

Presentation – Saucier + Perrotte – "Finalist Proposal For The Bogotá International Convention Center International Competition"

Press presentation:

« Astonishingly powerful in their topographic presence, the Cerros Orientales and Monserrate are defining features of Colombia’s landscape and Bogotá’s cityscape. As structuring elements of the city, they exist as the beautiful background against which unfold the lives of the inhabitants of Bogotá. Cradled between the mountains and the river, this stunning landscape gives the city its unique identity.

The new architecture for the CICB is designed as a reflection of this majestic topography.

An emblematic work of architecture — a signature building for the Bogotá and for Colombia — the Bogotá International Convention Center (CICB) takes root in the physical and cultural landscape of the city. These literal and symbolic topos are the elements that actuate the architectural approach of the new CICB project, whose bold architectonic form becomes not only the centerpiece for the urban plan of the Fairs, Expositions, and Conventions node of the city, but also the catalyst for regeneration of the central zone of Bogotá and its future urban development. »

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(Source: Lia Ruccolo, Saucier + Perrotte Architectes)