Actualité 19.03.2010

Photos – Shanghai Expo 2010 – "Canada Pavilion"

“The Canada pavilion at shanghai expo 2010 has been built by canadian engineering and construction company SNC-lavalin inc.

Cirque du soleil created the concept design for the pavillion and will also create public performances, organize cultural programs and develop strategic corporate alliances for the pavillion.

The 6,000-square-meter pavilion, among the biggest at the site, will feature an exhibition themed ‘the living city: inclusive, sustainable, creative.’

Environmental protection has been taken into consideration for the building. part of  the pavilion’s exterior walls will be covered by a special kind of greenery and rainwater will be collected by a drainage system for use inside the pavilion.

It is located on the pudong side of the huangpu river. along with other north and south  american countries, zone C is also home for european and african pavilions.”

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(Source: Designboom)