Actualité 13.09.2008

Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) – Intern Architect Initiative

A very interesting Website allowing a comparison between views from Quebec and Ontario on the entire intern process in Canada. Please read the results from their survey – it’s very interesting!

“The high percentage of Interns to Architects is not a new problem. In the past 10 years, the OAA has studied the issues regarding the Intern process without achieving consensus. The issue is complex, touches on the health of the profession and what it means to be an Architect. The time is right, as Associations across Canada are focused on this issue and changes can be coordinated. The OAA established the Committee on the Future of the Profession/Interns to propose solutions to this issue.

The Intern Architect Initiative is a proposal to improve the path to licensure. This web site is focused on providing opportunities for feedback and discussion among all the groups involved in the Intern Architect process (register and provide us with your feedback, click on “START THE SURVEY”).”

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