Actualité 26.02.2008

Norman Bethune Square’s makeover confirmed

20080226-bethune-a.jpg“Pretty much anyone who spends time in the west end of downtown will agree that Norman Bethune Square, at the corner of Guy and de Maisonneuve, desperately needs a makeover. Although plans for renovating the square have been floating around for almost three years, there hasn’t been any funding or concrete timeline announced for the project — until now.

Earlier today, the city unveiled new plans for the square and it announced that $22.4 million has been committed to its redevelopment. If the renderings released today are any indication, the new square will be leafy, spacious and almost double its current size. In some ways, though, it won’t be a square at all, at least not in the traditional sense. The plans call for two new plazas to be built on either side of de Maisonneuve, one in front of the Tim Horton’s and another in front of the Guy Metro building.”

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