Actualité 18.04.2013

LAURÉAT – OD. – "L'étagère Méo remporte un Gold A' Design Award 2013"

Fiche technique de l’étagère Méo du site internet des A’ Design Awards:




Inspired by scaffolding. Inspired by Quebec’s duo of songwriters The Jérolas, Meo takes its name from the title of a song rather amusing of the 1960s.

Just like a real game of building blocks ready to assemble, Meo is a construction with a childlike and innocent character that stands out for its rigor and balanced composition. The designer, whit its new modular shelving system, embodies in its own way the relationship between colors, dimensions and positions of the aesthetic principle of neoplasticism. While the richness and depth of the oak brings a certain wisdom to the saturated colored scaffolding elements, an interesting duality is captured between the rigidity of the design piece and its slanted yet controlled position. The 1 ½ inch thick planks of solid oak and its steel supports were designed to secure themselves in each other with accurate and precise angles of the frames and wood mass, and this, as many times as desired by its owner. To accommodate the consumer craving to have Meo in their habitat, the colorful skeleton available in a variety of bright colors may be sold separately, therefore enabling the choice of the wood according to the region of its user. Despite the rigorous use of color and the composition made of tempered forms reduced to angulated rectangles, Meo tends to remind us all the joy and happiness a simple wooden toy punctuated by a few bright colors can provide to a child.”

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(Source: Olivier Desrochers, OD.)