Actualité 08.01.2010

Launch – Canadian Architect – "2009 Canadian Architectural Practices Benchmark Study"

“Groundbreaking Study on Canadian Architecture Firms

How do the most profitable architecture firms achieve their success? What are they doing differently from your firm? Find out in the 2009 Canadian Architectural Practices Benchmark Study, a joint initiative by Canadian Architect magazine and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.

The study collected data from architecture firms across Canada on multiple topics related to their organizational practices and policies. Data for the most profitable group of firms is separated from the overall sample so you can benchmark your firm against them, as well as against firms similar to yours.

In this report, you will find answers to the following questions, and many others:

_ Is your growth keeping pace with growth shown by similar firms?

_ How does your growth compare with the “most profitable” firms?

_ Is your employee compensation on par with other firms?

_ How do your billings compare to other firms?

_ How many RFP’s do firms respond to in a typical year?

_ What is the average cost to develop a proposal?

_ How does your rate of winning commissions compare to other firms?”

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    (Source: Tom Arkell, Senior Publisher, Canadian Architect)