Actualité 15.04.2011

Lancement – Samare Studio – "Mise à jour à la Semaine du design de Milan"

Samare Studio in association with textile designers Linda Topic and Antonin Bachet, introduce a new update to the Pays d’en Haut Legacy collection. An innovative juxtaposition utilising traditional felting techniques to create fine rugs that feature the powerful graphics of flames and bolts of lightning as evoked by the Quebec native ”fléché” motif. As large scale rugs, they will be available in a selection of various colors.

Samare Studio was founded in Montreal in 2007 by four architects/designers: Laurie Bedikian, Mania Bedikian, Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte and Patrick de Barros. The studio proudly presents contemporary handmade objects produced by skilled artisans working via traditional craft techniques.

Milan Design Week 2011
12th-17th April, 10am – 8pm”

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(Source: Mania Bedikian, Samare Studio)