Actualité 16.07.2011

Invitation – Spacing magazine – "The Spacing Road Show"

For immediate release
July 13th 2011

The Spacing Road Show visits Montreal to launch Spacing magazine’s first pan-Canadian issue, at the McCord Museum’s Urban Forest pedestrian zone, July 20th 2011 6:30 – 9:00 pm.

Spacing is elated to team up with the McCord Museum to launch its first national-scale magazine in the Urban Forest, a dynamic pedestrian zone on Victoria street, just next to the museum. This summer, the McCord museum has taken over the street with stylized trees, a picnic area, terrace, and open-air activities that showcase the museum’s collections. It is the perfect place to launch a publication that explores the joys and politics, and obstacles of the urban landscape.

“I am thrilled that Spacing Magazine has chosen the McCord Museum as a venue to launch their issue about great urban sites. The Victoria Street Urban Forest is our first public space design project and the Spacing magazine support is an inspiration for our future projects”, said the Director of the McCord Museum, Suzanne Sauvage.

Spacing’s first national issue brought together over a hundred local experts to determine the top 100 urban public spaces across Canada. The magazine also features articles exploring the infrastructure, hidden gems, city-builders, and social trends that contribute to each city’s sense of place.

The launch party will begin with , short, colourful, pecha-kucha style presentations will spark a dialogue on how we shape the city, and how the city shapes us. Presenters will include Joel Thibert, urban planner, Trudeau Scholar and Spacing Montreal contributor; Katarina Soukup, director of Under the City a documentary about urban rivers and the interactive “Lost Rivers Finder” iphone app; Avenue 8, consultants on participatory city-building, and Spacing Montreal editor, Alanah Heffez.”

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(Source: Alanah Heffez, Spacing Montreal editor)