Actualité 30.10.2009

Institute For Urban Design (New York) – "Do Megaprojects Have a Future?"

« A public discussion with an array of experts, from architects and developers to policymakers and economists, on the state of megaprojects in light of the stalled economy

On November 7, 2009, the Institute for Urban Design will host a day-long event titled Arrested Development: Do Megaprojects Have a Future? The symposium will examine the effects of the global recession on large-scale developments and the ramifications of the re-emergence of megaprojects.

Astoundingly, this era of economic contraction has brought progress in environmental policy at local, national, and international levels. As megaprojects like New York City’s Atlantic Yards and the UK’s “eco towns” slow down, stall, and even stop, local and national leaders are rethinking the nature of these projects with respect to social and environmental sustainability. Historically, megaprojects have been controversial. Although there have been outright failures, megaprojects can offer opportunities for great urban renewal. Our panels of experts will examine how market mechanisms enable megaprojects, what characterizes their success, and why, how, and if megaprojects have a future. »

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(Source: Julie Payette, Volume2)