Actualité 04.01.2009

HEAT – Queensland's (Australia) New Wave of Environmental Architects

“HEAT, Queensland’s new wave of environmental architects, has a very simple objective – to promote and highlight the creative talent of Queensland’s architects and to facilitate the export of this talent to the rest of the world.

Within the Asia Pacific region, the demand for high quality architecture is ever growing. Add to the mix the construction going on in places like the Middle East and it’s easy to see that Queensland’s environmental architecture expertise is a highly exportable commodity.

HEAT is the embodiment of all that makes Queensland a Smart State. Our architectural and related design industries are showing leadership in one of society’s most crucial areas – designing workable, sustainable and attractive living places for the future.

To achieve its objective, the HEAT initiative is being broken into a series of smart marketing and promotional activities including:

  • a partnership with the Queensland Art Gallery to deliver Place Makers: Contemporary Queensland Architects at the Gallery of Modern Art (August 2 – November 23)
  • HEAT publication, a high-quality marketing tool which highlights the excellence of Queensland’s environmental architects 
  • international media campaign 
  • trade missions and industry export briefings
  • international functions to introduce HEAT in global markets such as HEAT’s presence at the 2008 Venice Architecture Biennale.

HEAT is a Queensland Government initiative through the Department of Tourism, Regional Development and Industry. The Australian Institute of Architects is a key partner of the HEAT initiative.”

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(Source: Moira Lascelles, ING Media. Photo: Norman Reach apartments by Cox Rayner Architects)