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GAME – LEGO – "How Many Bricks Would It Take to Build Your House?"

How Many LEGOs Would It Take to Build Your House?

Has your inner child ever dreamed of living in a Lego house? With a little imagination and hard work, building a new room or extending an existing room would be easy—and most importantly fun. Of course, a home built with millions of brightly colored bricks might not sit well with your HOA. But when has an HOA ever made anything easy?

At the Movoto Real Estate HQ, LEGOs held a special place in our childhood. Boats, airplanes, and cars–we’ve built them all and tore them apart to rebuild them again. At least once, we’ve mused about building a real-life Lego house in the vein of James May.

If you haven’t heard, in 2009 the British resident (along with a 1,000 volunteers) built a two-story LEGO house as part of “James May’s Toy Stories”, a BBC show that looked at toys from the past and their modern applications. The garish brick house wasn’t to last though. It was torn down after Legoland in Winsor wouldn’t take the structure because of exorbitant relocation costs.”

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Lego My House by Movoto