Actualité 16.11.2012

FORMATION – DCC Montréal – 6@8 – "Newest technologies in glazing: Daylighting and active glazing control"

Newest technologies in glazing !
(Cette conférence est présentée en anglais)

The presentation will demonstrate many techniques for using the newest technologies in architectural glass, as well the extremely impressive and measurable results that can readily be achieved.

In addition to considerable capital costs savings and major operating costs reductions we will discuss how such glass technology can impact present assumptions regarding materials design as well as improve the building occupants’ experience and performance.

If you have not seen this presentation previously you will see approximately 8 to 10 new things that you never would have thought possible with architectural glass.

– Daylighting
– Dynamic and static visible light control
– Glare and thermal controls
– Gels
– Advanced sustainable interlayer in acrylic

Notre conférencier
M. John Carpenter Hons BA, eMBA

John is President of Clearstream Architectural Products Ltd. which represents several high tech architectural glass companies across Canada such as Schott, Soladigm, Ornilux, AGC and Sentech.

M. Carpenter has previously operated at the CEO level for several major manufacturing companies in Canada and the USA and is Also a published author for several magazines as well as public speaker. Queens University, University of Toronto, Ryerson University, The Department of National Defense and many others have invited him to speak to them about relevant issues relating to various architectural glass challenges.

ITHQ (Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec)
3535 rue Saint-Denis
( 6ieme étage )
Montréal, QC H2X 3P1

Mercredi le 21 novembre, 2012
de 18h00 à 20h00

Déroulement de la soirée:
18h00 Cocktail, tables d’exposants
18h45 Début de la présentation et service du repas.

Coût :
Membre DCC : 30 $
Non-membre : 40 $
Étudiant / stagiaire /technicien junior : 20 $
(taxes incluses)

Les dîners-causeries de DCC sont maintenant admissibles comme activité de formation dirigée selon les exigences de formation continue obligatoire de l’Ordre des architectes du Québec et de l’Ordre des  ingénieurs du Québec.«

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