Actualité 01.09.2012

FILM – McGill School of Architecture – "Andrew King: Unapologetic Experiences"


August 31st to Cocktail de Clôture September 20th 5pm

This exhibition is a project based on the notion that cinematic experience is consistent with out contemporary perception of the city. Cinematic movement is completely implicated in understanding. Form and space become legible only through the composition of fragment, glimpse and blur in memory. This is cinematic. This exhibition consists of a series of experiments in and around this position: this include a constructed armature that inserts itself into the gallery, blurring the relationship between curatorial, architectural and cinematic space. Curatorial content includes six digital filmic compositions made in varied contexts, five(tentative) architectural projects that act as experiments within this understanding, and a series of essays and artifacts that attempt to frame these experiments.

The exhibition is a synopsis of the work from this laboratory to date. As such it uses the gallery to ‘test’ the relationship between the filmic and architectural parti’s through the simultaneous viewing of them. The installation is built around one constructed viewing device, curating the content, the space of action and the views as one large, complex cinematic experience.”

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(Source: David Krawitz, Administrative Officer, McGill School of Architecture)

Unapologetic Experiences official trailer from mtlma on Vimeo.