Actualité 03.09.2010

Exhibit – "FROM QUEBEC – In New York City"

Une excellente initiative pour nos designers d’ici et en espérant justement que l’expérience pourra se répéter à New York et pourquoi pas ailleurs!



Martin Houle, m.arch. Directeur-fondateur de

FROM QUEBEC / is a one-time only exhibit featuring trend-setting products designed in Quebec from furniture and dining wear to children’s toys and accessories for the home. FROM QUEBEC – In New York City will bring together the most talented Quebec designers for this three-week gallery-boutique. It will be a unique opportunity for designers, interior decorators, architects, as well as collectors and the general public to see the whole range of products and ideas Quebec has to offer when it comes to design.

Visitors will be able to enjoy, among featured participants, Aqua Ovo’s award-winning water filtration system Ovopur, Olivier Desrochers’ original furniture, jewelry from Arielle de Pinto, clothing and accessories from renowned brand M0851, photographs from Nicolas Ruel, the now legendary Solair Chair, ciders from La Face Cachée de la Pomme and a lot more.

« Quebec’s designers are among the world’s most innovative. They blend the old and the new, the traditional and the modern. They produce work that is influenced by American and European trends – but is completely unique, even provocative. » declared Shashi Caan, Founding Principal of Design firm The Collective and IFI’s current President.

More than 40 designs will be featured in the showcase FROM QUEBEC – In New York City, scheduled to open late September during an invitation-only reception where designers and other influential personalities from Quebec’s design industry will be present to discuss their work. This happening will be an exceptional opportunity to network and exchange ideas on design trends.

Innovative products. Creative designers. The fusion of European creativity and American practicality. FROM QUEBEC – In New York City: three weeks only at Relative Space in NoHo. Don’t miss the design event of the season.”

Du 29 septembre au 22 octobre 2010, une initiative de la Délégation générale du Québec à New York.

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(Source: Olivier Desrochers)