Actualité 16.07.2010

Exhibit – "Fashion & Architecture" (Amsterdam)

“ARCAM, Ontfront (Liza Koifman & Tomas Overtoom) and V2A architectuur & stedebouw (Wouter Valkenier) have challenged four duos – each comprising a fashion designer and an architect who have teamed up specially for the occasion – to enter into a design process. The results will be on show at ARCAM this summer.

Although there are frequent crossovers between fashion and architecture and other disciplines,  the collaboration between fashion designers and architects is still at an early stage. Which is surprising considering they have so much common ground.

Mutually inspired, the designers cut through the dogmas of their own discipline,  make a design statement and allow the visitor an insight into the creative process. What does this confrontation produce and is there a ‘click’ or a clash?”

The exhibit will be held from the 17th of July until the 11th of September 2010 at ARCAM in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

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(Source: Nicolas Marier)