“This is a documentary exploring design thinking, “a term that arose to distinguish what others think of as design, usually the surface, to the thinking behind.”

If your reaction is one of these:
1. Design is cool. What’s design thinking?!
2. Move on! Design thinking is dead.
3. That’s the hottest buzzword and answer to world peace!!! I can’t miss this!
4. But I’m not a designer…?

You should join us — this film is for you!


The four-people team behind this project is from two organizations: non-profit organization Taipei Design Center U.S., and media studio Muris Media, both based in San Francisco. They met in March, 2011 and decided this is an interesting topic to explore and document. Bringing together different expertise, cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives, they are working with shoestring budget and a half-year deadline – the film is expected to launch in October, 2011.”

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(Source: François-Xavier Tremblay, Bureau du design de  la Ville de Montréal)