Actualité 08.07.2011

Coup de coeur – "72 HOUR URBAN ACTION: NY 2012"

Une belle initiative à suivre! Un mélange d’interaction grand-public avec point de vue professionnels où les deux partis peuvent apprendre mutuellement l’un de l’autre.


Martin Houle, architecte OAQ
Directeur-fondateur de Kollectif

« We are happy and excited to announce

NY 2012
to take place in Long Island City, NY

We will be setting up the ground work in a public workshop on September 15th-20th 2011 as part of the Urban Design Week.

If you want to help/visit/take part, don’t hesitate to drop us a line, we hope to see you all!

Meanwhile check out the awesome work our friends as IfUD, the organizers of Urban Design Week, are doing – and join the happening..

This spring, the Institute for Urban Design asked New Yorkers how they thought the city’s public realm could be improved, and they responded with almost 550 ideas across the five boroughs. Now it’s your turn: the IfUD is asking architects, designers, artists, and urbanists to respond to the challenge!

From now until Thursday, July 14th, you can visit the By the City / For the City website, define your site based on what you find most exciting from New Yorkers’ ideas, and then develop a brief proposal. Nothing too technical—the goal is to find great ideas that can capture the public imagination and start conversations, so even a single rendering qualifies; have fun with it! The IfUD is going to publish all of the entries in An Atlas of Possibility for the Future of New York, which will provide a snapshot of what designers around the world imagine the city’s future could look like.

After submissions are in, the IfUD will convene an awesome jury to select ten projects to receive $500 prizes: one for each borough, and five at the judges’ discretion. All of these ideas will be the subject of an exhibition at the heart of the first-ever Urban Design Week festival in New York City this September 15-20, where we’ll be hosting a series of workshops in preparation for a 72 Hour Urban Action in 2012. »

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(Source: The 72HUA Team)