Actualité 13.11.2009

Coup de coeur – " UNESCO World Heritage sites in panophotographies"

Ce site vaut vraiment la peine de prendre le temps de visiter: si vous aimez visiter la planète via Google Earth, alors vous allez adorer ce site – les panoramiques sont superbes!


WHAT ? / documents around the world, 1001 cultural and natural sites in panophotographies – immersive and interactive panoramic images.

Today 273 sites have been visited : 260 are available on this web site, 13 are currently in post-production and will soon be uploaded. Altogether there are 2203 panophotographies.

WHY ? / is building a museum atlas. The goal audience are those unable to travel for whatever reason. Bringing to all, including history-geography teachers and their pupils, free knowledge, free of charge and free of advertising. Besides, this vast work is also a testimony and a documentary inventory of natural and cultural sites to future generations.


Sites are chosen based on the authoritative World Heritage List and its tentative lists.


Please jump to the world map to check out available sites. This project is steadily growing since July 2001 and will need years to complete.

WHO ? / is a non-profit organization which is alive thanks to your donation.”

Pour visiter le site…

(Source: Alessandra Mariani, Agente de recherche, Chaire de recherche du Canada en patrimoine urbain du Canada, UQAM. Crédit photo pour le site: Tito Dupret)