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CALL FOR NOMINATIONS – IFI – "50 Must Read, Must Have Books"

Call for Nominations IFI’s 50 Must Read, Must Have Books

IFI seeks your Input as we partner with the website Designers & Books, to help us take count of the “Best Books” in design and design thinking over the past 50 years!

Beginning today, jump at the opportunity to submit any compelling and visionary books which you feel build a broader picture of the issues and relationships present in Interior Architecture/Design. The ballot will be open until the end of August so act now! The final list will be announced with the IFI General Assembly in Istanbul on 18 November 2013 and published on the Designers & Books website.

Please take 5 minutes to tell us the title of your selection and 2-3 sentences explaining why this is a “must read, must have” book. Feel free to return to the survey as many times as you would like to nominate more than one book.

Through this list, it is the goal of IFI to do two things:

1. illustrate the influential role that books have had in design; both in practice, dissemination of information and the influence, inspiration, and out of the box thinking that they have provided designers.

2. To help to coalesce a strong library of “must read” titles for Interior Architecture/Design worldwide.”

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