Actualité 04.06.2010

Call for entries – SHIFTboston – "2010 MOON CAPITAL Competition"


2010 SHIFTboston MOON CAPITAL Competition
Call for Entries: Monday, May 31, 2010
Submission Deadline: Friday, September 3, 2010

SHIFTboston is calling on architects, space-architects, scientists, engineers, urban designers, landscape designers, industrial designers, fashion designers, artists and futurists to submit their most provocative ideas for the moon. Think: WHAT IF this could happen on the moon? SHIFTboston seeks to collect visions that will provoke thought on the moon as a new destination. We want radical ideas for new lunar elements such as rovers, growing pods, inflatable structures, droids and lunar habitats. How about a new moon culture? Envision: FUN on the moon – activities, moon fashion, and spacesuits! YOU TELL US. Competitors are encouraged to form teams in order to tackle multiple concepts.

The honorary recipient will receive a cash prize and present at the MOON CAPITAL Forum at the Cyclorama in Boston, Massachusetts on Thursday, October 21, 2010. The forum will be a panoramic gala event, attendees will include members of the MOON CAPITAL Competition jury and advisory panel, astronauts, aerospace and astrophysics engineers, government, community, industry and academic leaders along with artists, architects, and design professionals. The winning entry will be displayed in a new virtual moon game and at the Johnson Space Center. Select entries will be promoted on the SHIFTboston blog, website and will become part of the SHIFTboston MOON CAPITAL Exhibit. Entries will also be selected as part of a new “2069: Moon Independence” book.”

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(Source: Kim Poliquin, Executive Director, SHIFTboston)