Actualité 30.06.2009

Call for entries – Create Berlin – "CODE" poster contest

“Since 2006, Berlin is Europe’s first and only »UNESCO-City of Design«.

The title »CODE« stands for »City Of DEsign« and also for the visual key of Berlin. During the citywide exhibition in Berlin we will also show 20 of the best works from Montreal, where a similar action took place, and will consequently travel to the other »UNESCO Cities of Design« with the 20 favourites from Berlin. Submit a showcase of your work on an A1 poster and send it around the world with CREATE BERLIN.

We are looking for Berlin’s »CODE«.

We want to bring symbols, forms, colours and stories into the urban landscape that makes Berlin the »UNESCO-City of Design«. What does Berlin mean historically, now and, of course, in the future? In music and the arts? In the everyday lives of creatives working in design, fashion and architecture? Your work shapes the identity of the city – show us the contents of your archives!

National and international designers from all disciplines are warmly invited to take part!

»CODE« is the biggest showcase of the creative industries in Berlin. We look forward to previously published or also unpublished work from the areas of graphics, photography, illustration, fashion and product design. We call upon all professionals and students – and, in fact, everyone and anyone who would like to present their personal contribution to Berlin’s »CODE« to the public. And become a part of an ambassador trip through the other »UNESCO Cities of Design«: Kobe/ Nagoya, Buenos Aires, Shenzhen and Montreal.

The creators of the 20 favourite motifs will receive a free feature of their work in the accompanying publication that will be available free of charge in all »UNESCO Cities of Design«. In addition, all 20 creatives will be given an in-depth feature on the CREATE BERLIN website.

The 3 winners will also receive prize money in cash: 3rd Prize: 1000 Euro, 2nd Prize: 1250 Euro, 1st Prize: 1500 Euro.

Furthermore, each of the 3 winners will be given the voluntary chance to go about their daily creative practice for 1 month in one of the »UNESCO Cities of Design« Montreal, Buenos Aires and Berlin. All 3 winners will be provided with a workplace and accommodation for free for the full duration of the month.”

Deadline for submission: July 10th 2009.

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(Source: Réalisons Montréal)