Actualité 21.02.2014

CALL FOR BLOGS – International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) + Ruimtevolk – "URBAN BY NATURE: An Urban Future"


URBAN BY NATURE: An Urban Future

IABR–2014– and RUIMTEVOLK announce a CALL FOR BLOGS, challenging everyone to submit blogs addressing the themes that feature in IABR­–2014–URBAN BY NATURE–. Eligible are those blogs that contextualize the theme of IABR–2014– and that offer relevant observations on pioneering solutions to urgent challenges, new tools for governance and planning, calls to action, or other relevant issues.

With URBAN BY NATURE– the IABR once more addresses the consequences of rapidly increasing global urbanization, this time looking at the issues through the lens of landscape architecture by focusing on the changing relationship between city and nature.

URBAN BY NATURE–’s point of departure is that to resolve the world’s ecological problems, we have to start solving the problems of our cities. Whether addressing issues such as energy transition, climate change, biodiversity, resource depletion, or the way our society is organized and governed, these issues are urban first and foremost.”

Deadline: March 27 2014.

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(Source: Sjors de Vries, Director and Founder of Ruimtevolk)