20080408-bno-a.jpg“The Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) recently launched a free publication called Best Practices that contains a number of cases in which design has led to a turnover increase, a cost price decrease, and image improvement.

Eight companies among which Hero, Grapedistrict, Pas Reform, Nieuw Amsterdam and AGU prove how a well-considered investment paid off in business success.

The collection of cases aims at bringing the added value of design to the attention of entrepreneurs.

The publication is part of a larger project.

This project, also known by the name of Best Practices, started in November 2006.

The upcoming two years BNO will continue working on the consolidation and expansion of the network within the entrepreneurial world and will proceed her research in the field of “design effectiveness”.”

To consult the Best Practices publication…

(Source: Dexigner Newsletter of April 7 2008)