Actualité 14.03.2008

Base de données de photographies en architecture – Thomas Mayer

20080314-mayner-a.jpgUne base de donnée de photographie en architecture impressionnante du photographe Thomas Mayer:

“In my archive are only my photos. That means it’s all photos from one hand and one eye, with one signature and constant quality.

Bit by bit the archive will grow to contain all my reportages, the old and the new, my documentation of the Rhine, houses of the 70s, the Neuer Zollhof Dusseldorf, the Mine Zollverein Essen, Rittergut Birkhof, the water, the work of the architect Frank O. Gehry, a whole host of other architecture plus countless economic, industrial and environmental themes, people, landscapes, travel and few animals that have run in front of my camera over the last 35 years.”

Un beau concentré d’architecture à son état pur, sans texte, sans opinion.

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(Source: Nicolas Marier)