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Award – Best15 Good Design 2010 – "Sony Alpha NEX-5, NEX-3 and HANDYCAM"

“04 October 2010
Good Design Award 2010

About the design

“The NEX-5 and NEX-3 are α (alpha) series interchangeable lens digital cameras that use a combination of an APS-C size “Exmor” APS HD CMOS sensor and high-performance interchangeable lenses to take SLR camera-quality photos (characterized by high resolution, low noise and an attractive out-of-focus effect) and full HD video. The NEX-5 in particular provides the world’s most compact and lightweight body of any interchangeable lens digital camera (as of the announcement on May 11, 2010). The digital HD video camera recorder NEX-VG10 with similarly interchangeable lenses can likewise be combined with an APS-C size imager to shoot videos, capturing the wide range of expressiveness impossible with earlier video cameras.”

With the recent proliferation of blogs and social networking sites, increasing sectors of society want to take photographs and create images to show to the world. Such people are potential buys of digital SLRs and highly functional full HD video cameras, but in fact, they hesitate to purchase these kinds of cameras due to their weight and size and the resulting poor portability, difficulty of operation, and high prices. However, the E-mount lens product group presented by Sony has the ability to sweep away these doubts, the ability to evoke a desire to own the products, and the ability to satisfy customers in both the hardware and software aspects of the product. For example, it uses the APS-C size imaging device used in Sony’s digital SLRs and exerts a strong pull on users who want rich, full expressive power. The distance between the lens attachment surface and the imaging device has been shortened as much as possible, increasing compactness and portability. The easy operability was provided by the carefully designed GUI, which includes a high-precision LCD monitor, and a nearby soft key and control wheel (control dial on the video camera). These features are congruent with the image of the target user.


Winner of the Good Design Award 2010 Best15, Good Design Award 2010

About the designer

Sony Corporation
Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Its motion picture, television, computer entertainment, music and online businesses make Sony one of the most comprehensive entertainment and technology companies in the world.

About the Good Design Award

The Good Design Award is a comprehensive program for the evaluation and encouragement of design organised by Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization  (JIDPO). The Good Design Award is a system that aims to channel the eminent powers of distinctive designs to build prosperous lives and encourage sound industrial development. Indeed, it is a campaign to brighten and enrich society through design.”

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