Actualité 05.05.2008

ArtCity 2008 Peepshow Int'l architecture competition (Calgary, Alberta)

20080505-art-a.jpg“ARTCITY & PEEPSHOW INT’L presents: “THAT’S IT”…Architecture, 2008 Call for Submissions.  Jurors include; Sami Rintala (Oslo architect) & Thomas Mical (Author, “Surrealism & Architecture).  Competition Deadline June 9th, 2008.  Open to anyone.  This year’s competition is asking entrants to investigate the hypothetical interstitial forms between objects of a city.  What if the ‘edge spaces’ of the city (i.e. Building next to sidewalk) were to undergo an apostrophic condition of connection rather than simply physical.  What would this form look and feel like?  Please visit our website for the full competition details at  3 winners will receive $1000 CDN and a free trip to Calgary, Alberta, Canada to enact their investigations at 1:1 scale during September 11th & 12th.  ArtCity festival dates: September 5th – 14th, Downtown Calgary.”

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(Source: Matthew A. Zess, artcity)