Actualité 10.12.2010

Architectural Record – "Design Vanguard 2010: Ten Young Firms To Watch!"

“In times of stress, new patterns often appear first at the edges — those places both geographic and metaphoric that are far from traditional centers of activity or thought. So it should come as no surprise that a small firm in Vancouver, Canada, is pioneering a form of practice that doesn’t depend solely on clients to generate paying work. Or that a pair of Harvard graduates decided Louisville, Kentucky, offered them the best chance to make a difference. Or that a Chinese firm is doing some of its most innovative work in Tibet and a firm from Switzerland is pushing boundaries in Inner Mongolia. Even in a large city such as London, some architects are working at the edge of the typical project life span, creating works that last just a few days or weeks. By definition, the emerging architects profiled each year in our Design Vanguard stand on the outside— of the profession, the economic system, the power structure — figuring out ways to break in or make the old centers irrelevant.”

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(Source: Architectural Record)

(Photo: French-Chinese Art Center (Wuhan, China) by Standardarchitecture. Photo credit: Chen Su)