Actualité 27.03.2009

Architectural performance by The Other Theater – "Spiral Jetty 1"

To really appreciate architecture, you may even need to commit a murder.

Architecture as defined by the actions it witnesses as much as by the enclosure of its walls. Murder in the street differs from Murder in the Cathedral, as the same way love in the street differs from The Street of Love. Radically.
– Bernard Tschumi, architect

The Other Theatre invites the public to participate in a free event involving performance, architecture and film.

Inspired by Robert Smithson’s theories of environmental interaction, Spiral Jetty1 asks the public to give up the idea of being the casual observer and instead be both audience and actor.

Twenty people will be asked to enter an empty space in a secret location and to follow instructions they will hear on i-pods. During this thirty-minute experience they will be filmed and three short experimental films will later be made. Everyone who participated will be invited to view the films at a later screening.

Our intention is to show that all perception is subjective. Just as architecture gives context to action, the recorded image gives significance to existence. It remembers little things long after we’ve forgotten everything. It remembers a place long after it has forgotten you.

Spiral Jetty 1
In English
Saturday, April 4th, 2009 – 15h00 and 18h30
Sunday, April 5th, 2009 – 15h00 and 18h30
Reservations are necessary to participate
Info & reservations: or 514-662-8455

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(Source: Enrique Enriquez, The Other Theater)