Actualité 02.12.2011

Archdaily – Luis Urculo – "L'art d'interpréter des icônes de l'architecture moderne avec des objets de tous les jours!"

“We share with you another stunning video by visual artist Luis Urculo. Since the opening of his studio in 2006, Urculo’s videos have become well known and highly respected throughout the architecture industry. His newest video, Covers, is an original piece that assembles a variety of objects to physically represent modern architectural icons.

Created by: Luis Urculo
Collaboration: Chris White
Film production: Mauricio Freyre
Photo direction: Andrés Garzas”

NDLR: Son installation pour Fallingwater est particulièrement réussie!!

To visit Luis Urculo’s website…

(Source: Archdaily)

Covers/Luis Urculo from Luis Urculo on Vimeo.