Actualité 19.04.2014

ANNOUNCEMENT – QC Design – "Twelve Quebec Designers @ Wanted Design in New York City"

Communiqué de presse:

Twelve Quebec Designers @ Wanted Design in New York City from May 16 to 19

Twelve Quebec designers join forces in this project to showcase their talent and protean vision by exhibiting high quality products for design lovers far and wide.

In 2006, Montreal’s creative je-ne-sais-quoi was recognized worldwide when the city was appointed as UNESCO City of Design. This recognition attests to the many ways Quebec designers draw on the oldest of craft traditions and the newest of design processes to create works with an original vocabulary and sensitivity.

Together they embody the future of Québécois design. QC Design’s signature is a savant mix of materials, forms, techniques and styles in response to contemporary interior design challenges with concepts that are cutting-edge, often socially responsible and always original.

These woodworkers, textile designers, ceramicists, lighting and objects and industrial designers will present singular products that are sure to seduce professionals and the public at large.

QC Design is committed to promote Quebec’s creative spirit by establishing a go-to guide for innovative, accessible products and emerging talents.

One of the designers will be featured daily starting from May 1st on QC Design’s Facebook page.”

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(Source: Basma Osama, Ceramicist at Ceramik B.)