Actualité 14.05.2010

Announcement – International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) – World Interiors Day – "10% for 90%"

World Interiors Day_WID 2010 “10% for 90%”

IFI is proud to announce World Interiors Day 2010, to be held on Saturday May 29 with the theme “10% for 90%.”

This year’s theme, 10% for 90% is inspired by the 2009 IFI Design for All Award Winner, 10% Project, run by the Greenside Design Center, South Africa. The 10% project is an initiative that devotes 10% of the college’s annual notional teaching and learning time to community-based design intervention projects. This translates into the college “donating” four weeks of the formal curricula to community development, with the involvement of Interior, Graphic & Multimedia Design students as well as academic staff. This May 29th we ask you to please take the time to consider 10% for 90% in keeping with IFI’s mandate to improve human living conditions through the improvement of the built environment.

World Interiors Day is an international event created to provide an occasion to highlight the merits of the interior professions and their impact on the quality of life. It’s a day to actively engage professionals, design enthusiasts and the public at large to explore their creativity, imagination, vision and passion in recognition of the role of interior architecture/design in our society.

About us

The International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers is the global voice and authority for professional Interior Architects/Designers.  IFI is the sole international federating body for Interior Architecture/Design organizations, and acts as a global forum for the exchange and development of knowledge and experience, in worldwide education, research and practice. Often considered as the “United Nations” of the Interior Architecture/Design field, IFI connects the international community in order to further the impact, influence and application of the design of interiors, promote global social responsibility, and raise the status of the profession worldwide.

IFI was founded in 1963 as a not-for-profit, limited liability Company to expand the international network of professional Interior Architects/Designers.  Now including over 74 member associations, institutions and schools in 45 countries on every continent, IFI worldwide collectively represents over 65,000 practicing Interior Architects/Designers.

IFI is a member of the International Design Alliance (IDA), a strategic venture between three leading international design organizations. The triumvirate includes The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) and The International Council of Graphic Design Associations (ICOGRADA). This alliance focuses on opportunities to further the design discipline based on multidisciplinary collaboration.”

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(Source: Deirdre Gould, Secretary General, IFI)