Actualité 17.07.2009

Announcement – Icsid World Design Congress 2009

“Singapore, 22 April, 2009 – Organisers of the 26th International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) World Design Congress today announced the latest programme developments relating to “Design Difference – Designing Our World 2050”. Icsid, the world body for industrial design, will be holding its biennial Congress for the first time in Singapore from 23 to 25 November. This year’s Congress will directly address today’s global challenges which will shape the world of 2050, including issues around agriculture, climate, education, health and mobility.

The event itself embraces the future by featuring “Design2050 Studios”, inter-active and participative mini-symposia, led by world-renowned creative experts, including Chris Bangle of Chris Bangle Associates, and Stefano Marzano of Philips Design (refer to Appendix I for a full list of Design Leaders). In the months leading to the Congress, each of the Design Leaders will head up a team of four to six individuals from multi-discipline backgrounds to create a Design2050 proposition, by imagining, conceptualising and visualising a desired future. Participants at the Congress will be invited to transform these ideas into practical realities.

Dr Milton Tan, Director of DesignSingapore Council, and Chairman of the International Advisory Committee of the Congress commented on the theme, “Design goes beyond invention, or simply making things look cool. It is a vital component in tackling a whole range of social, economic and environmental challenges. It is the way that we create an intentional future. If applied properly, it can make a huge difference to the world of tomorrow.””

Of note: Icsid, which is part of IDA (International Design Alliance), is based in Montreal.

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