Actualité 19.06.2010

Announcement – "City of Montreal declares 29 June as World Industrial Design Day"

“Montreal (Canada) – The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) is proud to announce that the City of Montreal, Canada has proclaimed 29 June as World Industrial Design Day; the first city worldwide to officially commemorate World Industrial Design Day in acknowledgment of the importance of industrial design to its social and economic development.

Celebrated by designers and non-designers alike, World Industrial Design Day is held internationally on 29 June with the aim of encouraging inter-disciplinary collaborations, spreading an understanding of the design industry and exploring ways in which responsible design can improve quality of life. In Montreal, a designer roundtable was held in 2008 in conjunction with Icsid Corporate Innovator (ICI) member Tupperware Corporation gathering members of the international industrial design community and distinguished representatives of the Montreal community.

“This proclamation supports Montreal’s commitment to the five strategic directions outlined in the Montreal 2025 plan: knowledge, creativity and innovation; culture; living environment; infrastructure; and openness to the world,” stated Helen Fotopulos, Montreal Executive Committee Member responsible for Culture, Heritage, Design and the Status of Women. “By proclaiming June 29th as World Industrial Design Day, we help drive the city’s design development initiatives and take humble steps towards making Montreal more hospitable to its citizens.””

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