Actualité 03.10.2009

Announcement – "Building Montréal UNESCO City of Design" now online!

The English version of the “Réalisons Montréal Ville UNESCO de design” is now online!

“The Building Montréal UNESCO City of Design project aims, over the next three years, to stimulate opportunities for creation and highlight initiatives by the design industry that give vital and tangible expression to Montréal’s status as a UNESCO City of Design.

The $1.2 million to be invested over three years will be used to finance the holding of design and architecture competitions and to promote Montréal’s initiatives via the Web portal.


A call for proposals aimed at identifying design and architecture competitions will be issued to public and parapublic institutions as well as non-profit organizations. A selection committee made up of independent experts will assess the relevance and feasibility of the competition proposals submitted. Terms and conditions as well as the selection criteria will be defined in the months to come.

Building Montréal UNESCO City of Design aims to facilitate the holding of design and architecture competitions as part of the implementation of urban projects in Montréal between now and 2012.

The objective is to implement, over a three-year horizon, public competitions leading to exemplary achievements on a variety of scales (e.g., buildings, parks and public spaces, street furniture) resulting from actions by practitioners of different design disciplines: architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, interior design, industrial design, graphic design and signage, and the like. And the implementation budget is confirmed.”

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(Source: Stéphanie Jecrois, Design Montréal, Service de la mise en valeur du territoire et du patrimoine, Direction du développement économique et urbain, Ville de Montréal)