Actualité 19.11.2008

Alphabet City Festival 2008: FUEL

“Alphabet City, Toronto’s fall festival of arts and ideas, today announced the lineup for this year’s topic: FUEL.

“FUEL puts forward inventive visions of our energy future alongside critical perspectives on the present,” said Alphabet City director John Knechtel. “We’re really pleased to be able to bring together such a remarkable set of ideas, setting the work of established luminaries such as Edward Burtynsky alongside that of newly minted designers like Maya Przybylski.”

FUEL – which runs from November 23-28, 2008 – presents a new generation of thinking from designers, artists and researchers about the challenge of radically reinventing our energy supplies in time to avert a variety of potential economic, geopolitical, and environmental disasters.”

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(Source: Canadian Architect Newsletter of November 19 2008)