Actualité 26.02.2009

2009 Green Poster Design Competition

“The Toronto Society of Architects in association with the Canada Green Building Council – Greater Toronto Chapter (CaGBC-GTC) and the Design Industry Advisory Committee (DIAC) invite submissions for its 2009 Poster Design Competition. The purpose of the competition is to produce an image that draws attention to the value of green design, and that illustrates how design can enhance economic, social, and ecological sustainability. Cash prizes will be awarded to the three top winners.

“This competition is based on the idea that sustainable design is an integrated process that is fundamentally about: improving the quality of life; maintaining a unique sense of place; supporting the cultural and economic vitality of our communities; and, improving the health and sustainability of the environments we inhabit,” says Susan Spencer Lewin, Vice Chair of the TSA. “The posters created through this competition will be used to generate public awareness of sustainable design through exhibits, promotions, and printed materials.”

Competition sponsors include Astley-Gilbert, the Festival of Architecture and Design (fAd), Spacing magazine and Toronto the Good. Additional sponsors are welcome.

The competition is open to everyone, including students and professional artists. Participants must register by May 1, 2009 and submissions are due by May 15, 2009 (only electronic submissions will be accepted).”

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(Source: Canadian Architect)